2019 Club Championships – Saturday 16 November

This year the Club Championships is taking a departure from its usual Sunday date, due to the difficulty in getting a reasonable venue for a reasonable price, so please note the date is a Saturday!!

The venue this year is the Trust Room at Johnsonville Community Centre, venue for our usual Club Nights…

To pre-register your models, go to scalemodelswellington.org.nz/club-preregister – this link will be available up until 10 November. You can also use the paper based form below, save the image below & print it out :

• 10 – 11am Set up tables & covers
• 11 – 12noon Registration
• 12 – 2pm Judging (guests welcome from 2pm)
• 12.30 Food delivered
• 3 – 4pm Pack up room & head home

Competition categories
The list of categories for 2019 is the same as last year:
A Aircraft
• A1 1/48 aircraft
• A2 Aircraft smaller than 1/48
• A3 Aircraft larger than 1/48
• A4 Aircraft having a New Zealand connection
• A5 Box stock aircraft
B Military vehicles
• B1 1/35 and larger military vehicles post WW2
• B2 1/35 and larger military vehicles WW2 and earlier
• B3 Military vehicles smaller than 1/35
• B4 Military vehicles having a New Zealand connection
• B5 Box stock military vehicles
C Civilian vehicles
• C1 Racing oriented vehicles
• C2 Road vehicles
• C3 Motorcycles
• C4 Civilian vehicles having a New Zealand connection
• C5 Box stock civilian vehicles
D Figures
• D1 Figures smaller than 120mm
• D2 Figures 120mm and larger
• D3 Figures having a New Zealand connection
• D4 Busts
E Dioramas
(no subcategories)
F Ships and submarines
• F1 Ships and submarines smaller than 1/450
• F2 Ships and submarines 1/450 and larger
G Fact, fiction, collections and miscellaneous
• G1 Science fact
• G2 Science fiction
• G3 Collections
• G4 Miscellaneous
J Juniors
• J1 Junior dioramas
• J2 Junior AFVs (all scales)
• J3 Junior aircraft (all scales)
• J4 Junior civilian vehicles (all scales)
• J5 Junior ships and submarines (all scales)
• J6 Junior sci-fi and miscellaneous
• J7 Junior figures (all scales)

Competition notes
• If you have questions please contact your Committee Members.
• All classes are subject to change as deemed necessary by the judges.
• All entries must be the sole work of the modeller.
• To be eligible to enter the competition, the modeller must be a financial member of Scale Models Wellington IPMS. Models that have won 1st, 2nd or 3rd placings at previous Scale Models Wellington IPMS club competitions are not eligible to enter. However, they are most welcome to be brought along for display.
• All other models, including all those entered in our BSK competitions, IPMS Nationals and Scale Models Expos, are eligible for the competition.
• Box stock entries must be accompanied by the kit instructions. No deviation from the kit instructions shall be allowed except for the use of aftermarket decals. Entries received after 12.00 noon will be accepted at the discretion of the competition chairman. Family and friends are welcome to view the competition and display from 2.00pm.
• Pre-registration will open soon and run until 10 November. Please pre-register your models here if you can:
• Alternatively, entry forms are included with this issue of the newsletter. Please copy as many as you need, and bring them to the competition already completed. Entry forms will also be available at the venue.
• No models are to be put on the tables until they have been registered, and no models may be removed early without prior approval given by one of the above contacts.
• The Ted Staples Memorial Trophy for Best in Show and permanent Best in Category trophies are up for grabs. Would all current holders of these trophies please return them to the committee at the October meeting or on Club Champs day.
• Some club members may be asked to assist with judging for this event. Please help if you are able – this is the perfect training ground for those who are willing to learn about judging and assist at other Club events or the Nationals!